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Designers’ Rug Center's, owner, Chris Smith sees the right rug as a work of art for your floor. Beginning in 1992, he has been traveling to the far corners of the earth, several times per year, to hand-select the finest rugs available from around the globe for his showroom in Naples. Serving homeowners and the design trade, Chris offers exotic rugs from India, Iran, Pakistan, China, Turkey, and Europe, with Designers’ Rug Center stocking a large selection of rugs from around the world.
“We have got a lot of one-of-a-kind rugs that you are just not going to find anywhere else,” he said. “I always do my best to make sure of that.”
The 6,500-square-foot showroom is filled with more than 5,000 Persians, Tibetans, Flat Weaves, and contemporary area rugs. The selection includes hand-knotted Oriental rugs in traditional designs, transitional Tibetan rugs, Sisal and Seagrass, antique Persian rugs, magnificent reproductions, and custom-designed one-of-a-kind rugs. Sizes range from a 2-ft. by 3-ft. rug to elegant, palace-sized floor coverings. They also offer wall-to-wall carpeting and professional installation, as well.
Designers’ Rug Center has a highly skilled staff to serve the interior designers and architectural professionals throughout South Florida. These specialists, some of whom have been with the store for two decades, provide consultation and assistance with the vast selection of floor coverings in colors and designs to enhance every room's décor.
Designers and their clients bring fabric swatches or pieces of art to Designers’ Rug Center, confident they can get a perfect match of color and texture in the showroom’s natural light.
Service is the hallmark of Designers’ Rug Center, and Chris is happy to take rugs to clients’ homes, move the furniture around, and leave the rugs for a week so the customers can feel assured and confident in their selection. In addition to the free in-home trials, Designers’ Rug Center has a lifetime trade-in policy, free shipping in the United States, and professional cleaning and repair service.
Designers' Rug Center has always maintained a distinguished reputation throughout the rug industry in Naples.

How to Select the Right Rug for You and Your Home?

Intricately beautiful, hand-woven rugs have been around since ancient times, some dating back to approximately 400 B.C. When it comes to the intricate detail and time-honored craftsmanship found in the many styles of imported area rugs, few people realize that the specific methods of rug making can vary widely.
The expert design staff at Designers’ Rug Center has been providing clients and the professional interior design industry with expert services and the finest selection of exotic rug styles from around the world since 1992. For those contemplating the selection of an area rug but are uncertain about how to make the right choice, here are some things to consider.
There are many factors to consider when selecting a rug. First and foremost, you should really admire and love the rug you are thinking of, beyond the added benefits of how it will complement your furnishings and the room in which it is placed. A rug should be thought of as an original work of art for your floor. In fact, it has been said that purchasing a hand-knotted oriental rug is like purchasing an original oil painting while purchasing a machine-made could be compared to getting a print of that painting.
Designers’ Rug Center suggests you always endeavor to purchase the highest quality of rug within your budget – it will prove to be well worth it in the overall life of the rug. There are many specific characteristics, which come together to determine the quality of each rug, from the fibers used to the way each knot is woven. Geography plays a big part in how artisans create and craft each piece.

Rug Facts You Need to Know

Rugs woven in India, Pakistan, and China can all be finely knotted in structure. Each country uses a different method of counting knots, which can often confuse the consumer. In general, the pile of a rug made in India would be a bit thicker than that of one crafted in China or Pakistan. Among the finest woven rugs are those woven of silk in China, with approximately 625 knots per inch. Fine Pakistani wool rugs contain a count of about 285 knots per square inch, and an Indian rug might have around 225 knots per square inch. Many different methods are used, unique to each region of the world.
But, be aware - a finely knotted rug does not necessarily mean a fine quality rug. The knots may be more finely woven, but the wool and dyes used may be of low quality, greatly diminishing the value of the piece. There are things to stay away from, such as rugs made using what is called a Jufti knot, an inferior knot produced by tying the pile yarn around four or more warp threads rather than the customary two. This method reduces the time spent weaving the rug and results in the piece being less durable in the long run. Lots of rugs of that style are offered as great bargains, but the consumer really needs to be wary of such styles.
The purchase of an area rug can be a very involved process. Each type of rug, whether it is a hand-knotted Oriental, a custom-made rug, or a machine-made rug, has certain characteristics that can make it more or less suitable for one’s needs. Selecting the perfect rug to meet the needs of your design objectives means a combination of several elements of good interior design and decoration.
The professional design consultants at Designers’ Rug Center work with their clients to determine their needs and counsel them in locating the ideal rug to accomplish their goals. With rugs from $100 to over $50,000 and sizes from 3’ x 5’ up to palace-sized masterpieces, the options are plentiful.
With so much to consider when shopping for fine rugs, Designers’ Rug Center can provide valuable information to help you make an informed decision. By personally selecting the rugs directly from the weavers, owner, Chris Smith, feels comfortable in offering the highest quality rugs available to his clientele. It is not uncommon for him to inspect a pile of 100 rugs, and only select one or two for his showroom.
Education in the art of rug design can go a long way in assisting in the process.
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