Top Reasons You Should Consider Purchasing a Quality Oriental Rug

By designersr95848751, Nov 15 2016 08:23PM
When it comes to adding the perfect accent and design flair to any room, few things can match the dramatic impact of a true Oriental rug. The colors, the style, the size – when purchased correctly, the right Oriental rug can breathe new life into any room in your home.
A fine quality rug can come in a variety of styles and woven in several differing techniques. Because the cost of purchasing a new rug for your home is important, it is critical to always be aware of exactly what you are getting for your money. An unscrupulous rug dealer may try to sell you something that is not what it is being represented as. Only by dealing with a reputable rug importer with an impeccable history of selling only the finest quality rugs like Designers’ Rug Center will you be assured of receiving the quality product you are expecting.
Just because a rug is purported to be ‘hand knotted’ does not necessarily mean the rug is of high quality. Actually, there are several different methods used to count the number of knots per square inch of an Oriental rug, which can really confuse the client. Unless you have a lot of experience in rug weaving and processing, you may not know a good rug from one of lesser quality. Selecting the right rug becomes critical when it comes to the life of the rug, in that a rug of inferior quality will not endure with the lasting color, vibrancy and long-term wear you can expect from a true, fine quality Oriental rug.
Our Top Reasons for Buying a Quality Area Rug
1. Style
You can paint a room, add crown molding and recessed lighting or a number of other improvements, but adding the ideal rug will create the most ‘pop’ when it comes to your décor and overall style of your room. Interior designers and homeowners (and we do have professional design consultants to help you), know that the right rug can bring everything in the room together, creating the room of your dreams.
2. Artwork for your Floors
Owning the perfect Oriental rug is like having a museum-quality painting or other work of art in your home. Think of your flooring as your canvas, and imagine the beauty of a finely crafted rug acting as a focal point of your room. Your family and guests will appreciate the beauty of ‘artwork for your floor’ for a lifetime.
3. Barefoot is Beautiful!
If you are one who enjoys going barefoot in your home occasionally, you will love the soft, plush feel of a truly fine quality area rug. Rugs that are machine-made or synthetic generally do not have the same plushness as does a quality, hand-woven Oriental rug. With the right rug in your room, you may find kids – and adults, too – spending more time playing or relaxing on the floor than the furniture!
4. A Lifetime – or More – of Beauty
Purchasing the right Oriental rug can mean generations of enjoying a fine quality floor covering. With proper care and cleaning, a high quality rug can be expected to last for decades, which is why selecting the right rug is so important. Again, much like that favorite sculpture you fell in love with and brought home, a finely crafted Oriental rug should be purchased the same way. It is not uncommon for a rug to be passed from one generation to the next, so choosing wisely is something your family will appreciate.
5. Purchase a Part of the Past
The ancient art of weaving fine quality rugs has been around for centuries, with different countries utilizing different colors, patterns and designs which are uniquely their own. A machine made rug purchased in a home improvement warehouse may look OK when you first get it home, but only an authentic, hand-knotted Oriental rug will come along with a rich history that adds untold depth and character.
6. Quality Speaks for Itself
If you are at a stage in life when you appreciate the finer things, purchasing a fine quality Oriental rug is not unlike buying a luxury automobile or a finely crafted timepiece. You will smile with appreciation when you step into the room containing your Oriental rug, just as you do when you slip on that Piaget watch or get behind the wheel of your Bentley. True quality never goes out of style, and rugs are no exception.
7. Complimentary In-Home Rug Trials
So, you think you’ve found the perfect rug for your home, but you’re just not sure how it will look with your furnishings, paint colors and other décor elements? Designers’ Rug Center will deliver the rug to your home for you to try out, to ensure it is the perfect selection, at no charge. There is never an obligation to purchase the rug – we want to make sure you are completely happy and satisfied with your rug purchase.
Designers’ Rug Center has been helping people throughout Florida select the perfect Oriental rug for more than twenty-five years. Let our design specialists show you how to choose the right rug, and ensure that you achieve the most value for your investment.
To learn more about the details of selecting the perfect, fine quality Oriental rug, please click here.
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I’m Chris Smith, owner of Designers’ Rug Center in Naples, Florida. Thanks for your interest in the Designers’ Rug Center blog, and for visiting our new website. Our goal is to bring you new information about how we hand select our rugs for our customers, details on the proper cleaning and care of your fine quality rugs, and much more about new arriving stock in the most current styles, colors and designs.

For over 22 years, we’ve been happily serving our clients and the professional interior design community all across Florida, offering a huge selection of the highest quality rugs in a wide variety of styles. We sell beautiful hand-knotted oriental rugs in traditional designs, sisals, machine-made rugs, bold contemporary styles, even one-of-a-kind custom creations- virtually any style and color of finely-crafted area rug can be found at Designers’ Rug Center, adding the ultimate finishing touch to your home’s décor.

We regularly attend all of the larger regional rug shows, and we are excited to continually offer new styles and sizes from manufacturers like Nourison, KAS, Safevieh, Kalaty, and Tamarian. We have many sizes available in our extensive inventory, and these rugs are the latest in style and design, from contemporary to more traditional designs.

Please visit our website often to stay up to date on our newest arrivals for every season, and stop in our Showroom on the corner of US 41 and 1st Avenue South in Downtown Naples to say hello!

And remember - the Rug Makes the Room!

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